Unless one’s loved one took several steps to avoid it, a resident of Rocky Mount, North Carolina may find herself in the position of being an executor of a close friend or relative’s estate. While this will involve several important responsibilities, this need not be an unduly stressful or complicated endeavor.

Having been in the business of estate planning and probate for over a century, our law office can help a North Carolina executor work through the steps of the probate process. While hopefully the deceased person will have left a will, we can still guide an executor if they are appointed under the laws of the state.

Some of the executor’s work will be more practical in nature. They must properly notify those who are going to benefit from the will, and they also must take control of the deceased person’s property. After paying off the estate’s taxes, fees and debts, the goal of the executor is then to distribute to remaining property under the terms of the will. This may also involve resolving any probate disputes through litigation or another dispute resolution process.

These responsibilities are significant, and, for someone who is not particularly familiar with the process, can seem overwhelming. Moreover, an executor is under a lot of scrutiny when handling an estate, and they may find themselves facing legal action if they make a mistake. We are available to guide an executor through the process so he or she can be sure it is done promptly, correctly and with as little stress as reasonably possible. If it is preferable, we can also give periodic help, such as when an executor has a specific question on a thorny issue or topic.