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Protect Your Interests With Assertive Litigators

Many commercial disputes are resolved when the parties themselves negotiate a mutually acceptable solution. There are times though, when the differences are so wide or the stakes so high that legal action is called for.

At Lassiter & Sperati, PLLC, we are highly experienced at resolving business disputes cost-effectively through the techniques of negotiation and mediation. When litigation is the only means of protecting our clients’ interests and achieving its goals, we aggressively pursue results in court.

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Quality Litigation For All Cases Types

Lassiter & Sperati, PLLC, represents clients in civil litigation involving:

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Resolving Disputes Efficiently And Cost-Effectively

Our attorneys have handled a wide range of commercial disputes involving breach of contract, real estate, commercial and residential construction and others. This experience enables us to quickly identify the key factual and legal issues in a particular case.

When advising you about how to proceed, we will explain in detail the issues that will shape the outcome, along with possible legal strategies and our recommended course of action. Whenever possible, we try to resolve the issue in an acceptable way without resorting to litigation. Careful case preparation beforehand and an assertive expression of our willingness to go to trial can often bring the other party to the negotiation table.

If a trial is necessary, Lassiter & Sperati, PLLC, will aggressively represent you at all stages of the legal process.

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