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Defending Your Rights After A DWI Charge

A conviction for driving while impaired carries potentially heavy penalties in North Carolina. You face a large fine and increased insurance premiums, the loss of your driver’s license for a year and possible jail time. You will also have a criminal record that will follow you for life.

It may be possible to obtain a dismissal of the charge or reduction of the offense to a nonalcohol-related driving charge. Even if a conviction cannot be avoided, it can be possible to mitigate the effects of the conviction.

At Lassiter & Sperati, PLLC, we are experienced criminal defense attorneys. We aggressively defend people accused of DWI and traffic offenses — and will fight for your rights under the law. Call our dedicated lawyers at 252-557-4582 to schedule a case evaluation.

Aggressive Rocky Mount Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

Our attorneys believe that everyone accused of a crime deserves a strong defense. We aggressively defend people accused of DWI, felony DWI and other crimes.

In your case, we will review every aspect of the stop, testing procedures and other legal issues looking for a way to obtain a positive outcome. Potentially successful strategies include defenses based on:

  • Lack of probable cause for the police to stop you
  • Improperly conducted field sobriety tests
  • Inadmissible breath test results
  • Mistakes in paperwork and documentation
  • And others

These or other police errors may enable us to obtain a dismissal of the criminal charge or reduction to a lesser charge.

Mitigating The Outcome

In some cases, the state’s evidence can be strong or when there are habitual DWIs. When we cannot obtain a dismissal, reduced charge or not guilty verdict, we will work to mitigate your penalties. A priority will be to obtain limited driving privileges. We will also seek to minimize fines and other penalties.

Put our experience to work for you. Lassiter & Sperati, PLLC, will tenaciously defend you every step of the way.

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A DWI charge can carry significant repercussions. Call our Rocky Mount DUI defense attorneys at 252-557-4582 to discuss your options, or email us today.