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Comprehensive Probate And Estate Administration Assistance

After the death of a loved one, you may be tasked with executing the probate process for their estate. Probate does not have to be overwhelming and complex. Lassiter & Sperati, PLLC, has assisted North Carolina families with probate and estate administration for over 100 years. We can confidently assume all of your probate responsibilities or provide limited counsel on a requested basis.

If you require probate assistance, please call our Rocky Mount office at 252-557-4582 to discuss your options with our caring attorneys.

Understanding The Basics Of Probate

Probate was designed to settle an individual’s estate after death. It allows for creditors to collect payment and beneficiaries to fairly assume remaining assets. As an executor, you are expected to fulfill a range of detailed tasks, including:

  • Contacting all of the beneficiaries
  • Locating and inventorying assets
  • Paying outstanding taxes and other debts
  • Carrying out the individual’s wishes as outlined in their will
  • Ensuring that estate disputes are settled

The executor’s role can feel overwhelming, and executors can be liable for any mistakes during probate. Lassiter & Sperati, PLLC, can provide the experienced guidance that you require to speed up the process and avoid preventable mistakes.

Strategies To Avoid Probate

Some families would prefer to bypass probate altogether. Employing careful estate planning tools can help your family pass assets directly on to their beneficiaries. This can decrease administration time and reduce loss of assets in the process. A common solution is to set up a living trust. However, living trusts have pros and cons, and are not appropriate for all families. Our lawyers can review your financial situation, goals and available options. If a living trust is right for you, we can create one for a reasonable fee.

Contact Us For Qualified Assistance

We understand that you may not have the time necessary to act as executor or the experience to confidently fulfill your role. Our qualified attorneys are available to act as your trusted advisers and to successfully navigate the process with you. Call 252-557-4582 to secure assistance, or contact us online.