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DWI cases and your family

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Dwi |

If you were recently charged with driving while intoxicated, you likely have a number of hurdles to work through (such as legal stressors and concerns about the consequences of these allegations). However, it is important to understand the different ways in which these charges can affect your loved ones as well. Unfortunately, DWI charges often create hardships for an entire family.

When a driver is accused of operating a vehicle while under the influence, they need to explore all of the ways in which these accusations could affect their lives and the lives of those they love.

How can DWI charges affect relationships and family members?

DWI charges often result in marital strain and can interfere with one’s relationship with their parents, siblings and children. Sometimes, families face significant financial strain due to their loved one’s DWI case and the emotional impact of DWI charges is often very hard for everyone who is closely related to a someone accused of driving drunk. According to information provided by the Child Welfare Information Gateway, when a child’s safety is jeopardized due to alcohol abuse (such as driving drunk), this can also affect a custody decision.

How do DWI charges impact families in other ways?

Sometimes, drunk driving charges can cause a relative to make changes to their estate plan and alter the way in which they decide to distribute their assets. For example, a parent or grandparent could decide to withhold certain assets (or even remove a loved one from their estate plan altogether). Moreover, these allegations can derail a family’s plans, from moving into a new home to going on vacation.