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A North Carolina judge fights alleged DWI charges

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2020 | Dwi |

Defendants facing charges for criminal offenses such as DWIs are still innocent until proven guilty. It is important to understand what rights a defendant has following a DWI charge since it can go on his or her permanent record.

It is not uncommon for the courts, or even the arresting officers, to make errors during a DWI charge that can negatively impact the defendant. Such is the case for a North Carolina judge who found himself facing DWI charges earlier this month. According to The Charlotte Observer, local authorities recently charged a North Carolina judge with a DWI after pulling him over for unusual driving patterns. The judge claims that he was not impaired, however, and plans to fight the charges himself.

Law enforcement took the judge into custody after he submitted to a sobriety test as part of a standard impaired driver investigation. Authorities released him soon after he provided a written statement to assure his appearance in court. After his release, the judge sought out an independent testing company to test his blood. The test results revealed no alcohol in his system.

The judge in question states that he was on his way home from the courthouse when the officer pulled him over. While the judge was in custody, he submitted a blood sample for the authorities to test. The results of that blood test have yet to come back, but the arresting officer commented that he did not think alcohol consumption was the cause of the judge’s erratic driving. Embracing the opportunity to represent himself in court, the judge is certain that the test results will speak for themselves.

People charged with a DWI may choose to seek out an attorney to help them fight for their rights. Someone experienced with the law may identify the best course of action to obtain a dismissal or reduction in charges.