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Understanding the consequences of excessive traffic violations

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | Traffic Offenses |

Traffic laws in North Carolina have been established to help people stay safe, but are of little value if they are broken. If people are found to be in violation of laws such as speed limits, they can be penalized and required to take certain measures to amend their mistake. While a traffic violation may be enough to make some people reassess their driving habits, others may add several more violations to their record before they recognize just how serious traffic offenses can be.

According to The North Carolina Judicial Branch, people who commit repeat offenses in violation of legally approved traffic laws could face more serious consequences every time. While their first violation could require them to pay a fine or the possibility of attending a defensive driving course, multiple infractions could result in their license being suspended. Until certain criteria are met, their license will remain suspended. A person’s license can be immediately suspended regardless of their prior history if they commit a serious offense such as driving while drunk.

The North Carolina Driver Handbook informs people that the length of time that their license is suspended due to an accumulation of too many points on their record, will vary according to how many times they have reoffended. A first-time suspension is lifted after 60 days, but someone that has had their license taken away for having too many points on their record consecutive times could be facing up to a year with a suspended driver’s license. If they choose to continue operating their vehicle with a suspended license, they could be facing even more serious legal consequences.

Fortunately, if people are facing driving infractions and pending consequences, they have the right to dispute them if they disagree with what has happened. Utilizing the resources they have, they can share their side of the story with the court for an opportunity to have their violations amended. As soon as people recognize their desire to dispute a traffic ticket, they should immediately proceed with the process so it can be solved as quickly as possible.