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Those accused of DWI may lose their cars

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2018 | Dwi |

A relatively new provision of North Carolina’s laws has given police another penalty that they can impose upon someone accused of drunk driving in this state.

Specifically, an officer can in some circumstances can impound a driver’s car if the officer formally accuses the driver of DWI and determines that the operator’s license is already suspended or revoked due to a drunk driving violation. This seizure happens when the person is arrested.

If the person winds up getting convicted of the DWI and of driving on a suspended license as described, then the vehicle will be legally forfeited. A local school will be allowed to keep the vehicle or sell it for cash that will go to educating students. If it turns out that the driver was operating someone else’s vehicle, the owner will have to demonstrate that he or she had nothing to do with the drunk driving in order to get the vehicle back.

This is just one more reason why anyone charged with a DWI in this state, and especially someone who may have had a prior encounter with the police, will want to mount a strong defense to the charges.

After all, in addition to paying other penalties, a person who loses his or her car may have to spend thousands of dollars getting another vehicle or just have to go without one, even after he or she gets driving privileges restored.

The penalties for DWI are quite serious. Even without this latest additional penalty, a drunk driving convicting can be a life-altering experience for a Rocky Mount, North Carolina, resident. Therefore, before just pleading guilty, they will want to evaluate their legal options.