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We help drivers minimize the consequences of tickets

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Traffic Offenses |

Previous posts on this blog have talked about how even non-criminal traffic violations can be serious affairs, especially for motorists who hold a commercial license.

For one, certain traffic violations can lead to one’s losing her ability to operate a commercial vehicle, even if these violations otherwise would only result in a fine and points on one’s license.

Moreover, negotiating a traffic ticket commercial driver may require special knowledge and skill since some of their options for dealing with a traffic ticket may be limited.

More generally, any traffic violation can affect any North Carolina motorist for a long time and cost hundreds of dollars above and beyond the amount of the fine. For instance, one’s insurance premiums can go up considerably even with one traffic ticket and they can remain higher for several years.

Moreover, especially if one has a less than stellar driving record, a ticket can mean the prospect of license suspension or, at best, having to take mandatory safety courses that are an additional cost in terms of time and expense.

One need not face the either-or prospect of paying one’s fine, and thus accepting all the consequences of the ticket, or having to go through a traffic trial.

While we are fully prepared to advocate for our clients at a trial if that is the right course of action, our law office also has a track record of negotiating with the state in order to minimize the longer-term consequences of a traffic ticket. We have successfully represented clients in getting traffic tickets dismissed and, in other cases, negotiated down to less serious violations.