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What is title insurance?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Residential Real Estate |

When buying a home, you will learn a lot of new vocabulary terms, such as title insurance. According to, title insurance protects you and your lender from future claims against the property.

Your mortgage lender will usually require that you buy this insurance. However, you need to make sure you buy all the title insurance you need.


There are two types of title insurance. Owner’s policies will protect your interests. Lender’s policies protect only your mortgage lender. Your lender will typically require lender’s title insurance, but it is up to you to buy an owner’s policy.

Your policy will help ensure that if you end up in a legal battle over rights to the property or defending yourself against someone trying to enforce a lien from a former owner that you have protection for your investment.


Title insurance provides a lot of protection if the unimaginable happens. While you do your due diligence in trying to ensure a clean title before you buy, sometimes things come up. A long-lost heir or a company claiming it has a lien can surprise you.

If this happens, your insurance will help protect you against such claims. It also protects you if someone uncovers prior documentation issues or errors. It also will help you defend against fraudulent claims.

Protection may include paying for the legal costs you incur. It will also ensure you do not lose your investment in the property if you happen to lose a legal battle. It covers the financial loss you incur as a result of title-related issues.