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5 reasons your real estate closing could be delayed

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2019 | Residential Real Estate |

Whether you are the home buyer or seller, you are anxious for the closing to be as smooth and uncomplicated a process as possible.

However, you should always prepare for problems to turn up. Here are five issues that could delay your much-anticipated real estate closing.

  1. Closing date error

If you are new to real estate transactions, you may think that the date in the purchase contract is the actual closing date­­ — and it might be. However, achieving that date is not always possible. Once there is a signed contract, it normally takes 45 to 60 days for the closing to actually occur, so the date in the contract may be up for revision.

  1. Appraisal problems

If the buyer is obtaining a mortgage, the lender will want to perform an appraisal of the property. A delay in closing might happen if the property under-appraises or if it needs repairs.

  1. Newly discovered lien

No matter if you are the seller or the buyer, you will want to ensure there are no previous liens on the property. An attorney can perform a search and ensure that there is a clear title to transfer.

  1. More documents requested

It is not unusual for a lender to request last-minute documents from the buyer. These often include bank and credit statements, and this kind of request can delay the closing.

  1. Final walk-through issues

A final walk-though of the property that is about to change hands usually occurs the day before the closing. The buyer wants to be sure the property is in “broom-clean condition.” Any repairs previously agreed to should be complete, and appliances, toilets and utilities should all be up and running properly.

Your best moment

Nothing feels quite as gratifying as having a successful closing behind you. To ensure that all goes well on the way to that important date, you can rely on legal guidance for any issues that arise as well as the requisite title search.