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July 2018 Archives

Can I face traffic offenses for refusing to submit to testing?

Drivers in North Carolina can become understandably confused when there are questions about their rights during a traffic stop and what traffic offenses they can face. If a law enforcement officer makes a stop or is investigating a potential incident of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is an easy mistake to make to believe that the driver has the right to refuse to submit to a breath or chemical test. The law, however, says otherwise. Understanding this law and the charges a person might face for refusal is important when planning a defense.

Do your aging parents need to create a living will?

Helping your parents age gracefully is a complicated task. In many cases, you must support their wishes, but you will also need to watch for signs that they can no longer take care of themselves properly. Dementia, compromised decision-making or other medical conditions could leave your parents unable to make important decisions or manage things like their personal finances.

Estate planning and naming beneficiaries for a 401(k) plan

For North Carolina residents, estate planning is a vital part of being prepared and organized for the future. This is true whether it is a person who has significant assets or someone of more modest means. The goal of an estate plan is to ensure that the loved ones and other potential heirs get what the person wants them to get. However, there are important factors to remember. Those who are taking the steps to have an estate plan that covers all the bases for their needs might inadvertently forget about certain aspects. One is their 401(k) plan. Picking a beneficiary and making sure that person receives the remainder of the account requires some attention.

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