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Rocky Mount Real Estate Closing Lawyers

North Carolina Home Purchase Attorney

Before finalizing the sale or purchase of a home, condominium, or commercial real estate development, certain legal and financial protections should be in place. If undisclosed property damage, environmental problems, or financing issues arise after property has been legally transferred, the cost of litigation could be expensive -- if the terms of your contract don't mandate mediation in the first place. At the law office of Lassiter & Sperati, our real estate lawyers meticulously review every aspect of a real estate closing. Since protecting our clients from unwanted liability is our foremost concern, we identify language and clauses in contracts that place an undue burden on our clients when disputes, foreclosure, damage, or title problems arise.

Protect yourself and your real estate investment -- contact the law office of Lassiter & Sperati today and schedule an appointment to speak with one of our lawyers.

Things to Consider before a Real Estate Closing

The law office of Lassiter & Sperati advises and represents clients in regard to the following issues before a real estate closing:

  • Liens
  • Title searches
  • Mortgage insurance
  • Water damage / mold
  • Environmental violations
  • Clauses for settling disputes

What We Bring to the Table -- Working with a Real Estate Lawyer

Alerting clients to vulnerabilities in a real estate contract, financing plan, or title transfer is our first priority. For instance, many contracts contain terms requiring a seller and buyer to enter into mediation if a dispute arises after the sale of a home or property. However, mediation can be both costly and unsatisfying: not only will you have to pay a mediator, you will also have to pay an attorney to represent you as well. Additionally, a mediator is interested in finding terms both parties can accept, which almost always involves compromise on your part in order to get some portion of what you want.

At Lassiter & Sperati, we position our clients to protect themselves both financially and legally in real estate closings. We discuss different kinds of liability, offering revisions and deviations to contract terms that reduce your exposure to potential legal complications in the future.

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We understand how to protect our clients and help them avoid unnecessary problems in the future. To schedule an appointment and discuss your case, contact the law office of Lassiter & Sperati today.

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